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    How do you add an extra menu point (button) to your website?

    For people who have hand-coded sites (as opposed to a site built using a CMS):

    I have a site I built by hand which consists of some 300 + pages.
    The site navigation is built using an unordered list, which is marked up with css and has behaviour added with JavaScript.
    In the past, whenever my boss decided she wanted a new button in the navigation bar, this meant altering all of the pages by hand.
    Obviously that sucked, so I looked for another solution and started manipulating my site using a programming language.
    That got me thinking that I can't be the only person with this problem, so I wanted to ask how other people deal with having to alter code in a large amount of html documents.

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    Personally, I'd use PHP includes. Failing that (assuming no server side scripting was available) I'd use a 'site wide' Regular Expression to alter the section of code instead of faffing with each individual page, e.g. similar to a Find and Replace.


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