Hi guys,

I've stumbled into an issue in the past day where I have developed a small process in JavaScript that takes in information that the user has entered, and uses a combination of JavaScript and jQuery to return results. Workflow such as:

1) User enters location details
2) Javascript onClick function to submit to an internal js function
3) Use GDownloadUrl to download an XML file on the fly for data processing
4) Process data
5) Use jQuery to output results into a div

I am using variable functions such as:

Code JavaScript:
var search = {
   performSearch: function() {

It all worked in Firefox when I was debugging with Firebug, however as soon as I stop using firebug it doesn't do anything. I've tested it by putting alert() statements in different parts of the code - if the alerts are near the start of the process everything works as expected though if added at the end nothing happens.

I've looked at this in IE 8 and it's working perfectly! (which is a nice surprise!)

Can anyone suggest what's the problem??

Many thanks