Can someone show me the difference between like a blog editor and someone who does there own hard coding? Why is hard coding considered a better route? I know it's better because then I can actually create a login to my site for the most part.

I'm on html/css and I'm learning more and more as I study it.

I want to move onto...
3. Javascript > flash - better than flash for the most part? An entire website in flash is bad for a beginner and only works well with well known companies? If I'm wrong here just say it.

4. Php - best login systems, but it also has it's downfalls of terrible bugs in it. Can anyone justify php as the best or is it just the most used?

Those are the 4 languages I want to learn to make a nice login blog with my own database. Anything else I should study? I got a couple of years to learn everything.