I'm trying to put together a simple popup window script that has everything apart from the url preset in the function itself.
The url will be set in the inline function call.

Hopefully by looking at where I'm at now, you'll see what I mean...

function menuPop(url) {	

winW = (screen.width / 2);
winH = (screen.height);

window.open(url, mainWin, 'width='+winW+',height='+winH+',left=0,top=0,resize='1'')
The target/window name will always be called mainWin.
This is so it will put the destination url in the main window (mainWin) if it exists, but will create it if mainWin doesn't exist.

The window position will always be 0,0

The width will be 50% of the available screenwidth.
The height will be 100% of the available screenheight.

The only window feature that should be on is the resize.

I'm trying to build it so that the inline footprint is as small as possible...

I'm obviously not seeing something really obvious, but I've gone screen-crazy and I can't see what's wrong so can't get it fixed.

Big thanks in advance