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    What is best for a menu? Liquid/Fixed having a Flash movie

    Hi, I'm in doubt about how to write properly my code, I'm working on an elastic layout website that has a 100% container (see image, red border) with two floats inside (blue boxes).

    Left float is fixed width and height because is a flash movie.
    Right float has inside a horizontal list and after it an image (with fixed width).

    When browser resizes is happening what you can see in the second half of the image. And I have no idea why. I'm working in Chrome. I'm using clearfix for the background image of the container.

    I would like to fix this situation, and also to hear your comments about the nicest way of doing this, because when browser resizes to a small width, I'd like to make the menu to be placed before the flash movie or perhaps make it dissapear, but I need to keep the flash in the left when the website is in a normal resolution.

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    Hi chia, welcome to SitePoint!

    I think we'd really have to see the code you are using to help debug you layout here. Ideally post a link, or at least post your html and css within code tags (preferable the css embedded in your html).


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