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    Why won't Software install???

    I'm trying to load some software on my Laptop (Windows XP loaded on a DELL Latitude D630, Intel Core 2 Duo T7300, 2.00GHz, 800MHz 4M L2 Cache with 4gigs of DDR2-667 SD RAM)

    ...and it won't load from the setup file on the original disc, or directly from the hard drive after I copied the files from the CD to a folder on my hard drive.

    For testing purposes, I tried loading it on my main desk top (also XP Pro) and just a couple of seconds after clicking on the setup opened the installer to start the installation.

    So, I know the original CD and it's contents are OK.

    I'm using AVG Free (I don't use the Laptop much) and I don't see how to disable it but I've never had this be a problem when installing software.

    My question is this...what could have have done to my Laptop to cause it to not install new software programs?

    Is there some setting anybody know of that I need to check?
    Anyway to "make" it load?

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    delete the folder and files you say you created - then try to clear all temp files, (the files inside your "temp" folder under your username, and the files inside "temporary internet files" and also the folders and files inside the hidden "content.ie5" folder and turn the puter off - wait 30 sec and turn it on again. (you may have to let windows show hidden files and folders, depending on your configuration)

    if this doesnt help try to schedule a diskscan at startup, and if this doesnt help either, you can go into regedit and search for the folder name you copied it to from the cd, and also the setup file - then delete the entries and reboot (first delete the folder of course).

    ...and if any of this doesnt help, you go out and buy a gun

    it can be a few things like: it tries to load from a register value, or it is still located in your ram and memory or it tries to load from the temp folder etc...

    you would be surprised to see what you can read from ram and memory
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    First of all uninstall the AVG anti-virus software and next time you install an anti-virus software set the rules as such that it allows the installation or execution of non-windows unsigned third party software.


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