I'm a jquery newbie. I've never written jquery stuff on my own, just bits from tutorials. So what I'm trying to achieve is integrating 2 different slideshow features in one. I have a transition slideshow with corresponding divs (textbox1 with image1, textbox2 with image 2 & textbox3 with image 3). What I would like to do is add clickable links that the user can click on to take them to each slide I'm hoping someone could take a look at my code and give me a suggestion on how I can do that.

Basically, here is my unfinished slideshow: click here There will be 3 separate image backgrounds.

The idea I had is based on this: click here
What I'm currently using is based on this: Elements with classes: click here

Here's what the boxes will look like: click here They'd have to be inside every separate text box.