Is it possible to have nested spry:repeats that switch data? Is it possible to so using HTMLDataSets?

Basically what I am trying to do is read some HTML tables, located in external files, and bring it in as content for a series of list. Something like this:

Grades.html : Which has a table of the all the Grade levels.
Kinder.html , First.html , Second.html ... Sixth.html : Each containing 3 tables, Announcements, Teachers, and Resources

right now what I am doing is having a spry:repeat for EACH html file, which work fine, but i am a perfectionist and this requires that I code 19 individual spry repeats

What i kind not find is a way to use the data from on binding , Grade,
to select the next group of bindings...
I guess what I am trying to ask is how do you dynamically change the "string" that calls the spy action. example : spry:repeatchildren="I need to be changed and {this part needs to be changed::Text}?