Industry News Posting Guidelines
The following are the guidelines for posting in the Industry News section.
  • Only post News - What constitutes as news? News doesn't have to be something published by a recognised media outlet, but it does need to be about something that has happened relevant to the industry. Speculation, opinion and requests for input belong elsewhere.
  • Give credit - When quoting a source be sure to give proper credit by placing a link to the original source of the article.
  • Only quote excerpts - Do not quote the entire article, just a relevant paragraph, rather than the whole article.

If you have any questions or would like to share a source of news with us then please contact a member of SitePoint staff. We will add the most appropriate ones to this list.

Industry News Sources

TechCrunch: Startup News & Analysis,

ReadWriteWeb: Industry News Analysis & commentary

Mashable: Social Networking & General Industry News

Engadget: Technology & Gadget reviews.

Venture Beat: News & Commentary
News from technology, media, and communications industries

Technology News & Reviews.

Hardware & gadget Reviews


GigaOm: Reviews and Commentary

Robert Scoble: Tech blog.

Tech News Blog


Techmeme: Industry news RSS aggregator

Hacker News



The Inqurier: News & Reviews

Traditional News Sources

New York Times Technology: News & commentary.

Technology Review (MIT):
Emerging technologies analysis & commercial, social, and political application.

BBC Technology: News & Analysis

Original News - The Horse's Mouth

Official Google Blog

Official Google Website Optimiser Blog

Inside Adsense

Official Yahoo Search Blog

Data Portability

Open ID

UK Based Sites

TechRadar: Industry News & Gadget/technology reviews.

TechCrunch UK: UK Based startup news & Analysis. IT news, reviews and downloads

Australia & New Zealand Sites


Other Sites : Startup reviews