Hi all,

Thinking of adding this to my site and want to get it clear in my mind on what it does and which is better.

At present I have a facebook button with my posts that when clicked opens a facebook "post to profile" page with the post info at bottom (with the site logo image optional) and the option for the user to enter there own message for their friends before sharing on Facebook.

Now I am seeing folks using the Like button on posts. It shows the number of people who have clicked Like (I am guessing just on your site, not on Facebook). I believe it shows up on facebook as "Bill likes Name Of Post on Example.com". (Also can the message displayed in Facebook be changed?)

I assume that if you get more likes it would be more likely to get through the clutter and rise to the top??? But does the one line like message that their friends see in Facebook convert?

Now, in your opinion which is better and why? What experiences has everyone had with this?