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    the problem with relative footers

    Ok.. whilst Ive very nicely had a fix given to this problem I'd just like to explore a bit further whether or not there could have been a better fix.

    Just to recap on this page -
    i had a problem with the footer cropping over the actual content :-( I then added a css inline snippet - <p style="padding-bottom:40px">

    This fixed the problem but is there a way to make sure a footer never crops
    content without having to ad extra padding. I find the whole relative absolute positioning a bit confusing :-(

    Any insights welcome :-)
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    Hi, you have it backwards, the content is cropping over the footer. THat's because if there is enough content, then it will exceed the parents height that you set on ".column2"

    Remove the height (or set it as a min-height)
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