Hello ror developers.
I Have a small Ruby on Rails program on a MAC home computer,
and wan't to use this home computer, at the same time, as a web server with this same Ruby on Rails program being connectable from Internet and another of my computers.
I ask this question here because many rails developers has mac knowledge.

1. ABOUT THE PROGRAM on home computer, local use:
Pointing home computer to:
http://localhost:3000/user/list responds "hello world" as expected.
user and list is controller and action.
So this Ruby on Rails program works well enough through the local server, Mongrel I guess.
I know my Home computer IP address: http://nn.nnn.nnn.nn.bredband.3.dk/~erikaaaa/, This information is available from Mac System preferences if you set the WEB SHARE flag to ON then you can read the IP address.

Now, I wish to run the Rails program from another computer, actually the program is a browser on my Windows Mobile Phone which has its own internet connection.

Pointing the Windows Mobile Phone to:

http://nn.nnn.nnn.nn.bredband.3.dk/~erikaaaa/ responds the index.html page which is located on home computer in the (home) Sites folder.

Pointing the Windows Mobile Phone to:
http://nn.nnn.nnn.nn.bredband.3.dk/ responds a page with the text "it works", I don't know where this page is located???

Something surely works.

I think that these 2 requests are answered automatically by the mac os, the mac os respond when it receives a http request. Some server is in action, but which server, is it build into mac os. Mogrel is stopped and I have not started another.

4. my question to you is: which address (request) should I point to from the phones webbrowser in order to connect to the Rails program located in a app0 folder???

Comments and answeres are very much appriciated.

kind regards

Home computer: mac mini, snow leopard, internet connection over USB broadband
Phone: Samsung i780, os = Windows Mobile 6.0.