I moved from SMF to vB4 suite. It was not a pretty move but that is another subject.

There were three reasons I moved and one of them was the subscription system but for it to do what I want it is run like a manual system.

I was wondering if there was an add on or a way to get the following features.

1. That it works. While some are getting it to work many are having problems. When people sign up it works fine but it does not seem to revert them to the previous status when the time period expires.

2. There is a completed column. The completed column is useful to me but once it is used I would like to be able to eliminate the individual in there as they complete. Many of them get a new subscription but they are still showing as complete.

3. I would like to have seven different kinds of subscriptions going where it would be possible for a person to have all seven though it is most likely they would have at most five. This would mean the subscriptions would not be able to be in the primary group. Right now I have four kinds of subscriptions and I am doing that manually as the way vB does it messes with existing subscription.

4. The stock subscription system does not recognize that if a person pays again before their time period is up that the time should be added together.