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    netscape is!

    I've got some pages that will not for the life of me display with netscape 4.x. They work PERFECTLY on IE 5.x and up as well as netscape 6.2.

    The proper version of the page I am using for debugging purposes is

    The modified version is:

    In the modified version I have removed all references to javascript and CSS. When I try to hit the page with nutscrape 4.79 (I mean netscape... ) I get a blank page. Could someone please look at the source code for the modified page and tell me what the *#&$ I am doing wrong here. Have I missed any removal of JS or CSS? Maybe compare it to the "proper" version.

    I'm baffled and bewildered .

    TIA for any help offered!
    And for the record.... netscape is the...
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    Looking at your code I would say that it's because you have such a complex table structure (3 levels of nesting). Netscape has always been slower in rendering complex tables.

    If you can change your table structure I'm sure you'd get Netscape 4.72 to render that page. The other possible cause would be if you left out a table or a form element. IE will display a page even if you forget to close a form or a table but Netscape won't render them.

    It renders fine in Netscape 6.2
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