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    will a message to non-css browser users cause problem with search engine spiders?

    using this -

    .message {
    display: none;

    to display a message to older non css browsers - will it cause a problem with search engine spiders?

    the reason i ask is because i know that having text the same colour as the background does - and this seems along the same sort of lines

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    I wouldn't worry about it as long as this isn't for all users.

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    I have wondered about this particular question myself.
    First off; I'm unsure what exactly they do if they find a site that tries to spam (according to their rules, wheter intentional or not): do they remove the site entirely from their list (seems unlikely to me) or do they just put them lower?

    Spiders can retrieve css sheets. They'd have to, it would be too easy a way to spam keyword... Of course, you could set it up (using the robots file or a meta tag, have to look it up) so they will not fetch the css, that way, you'd have 'carte blanche' and could do whatever with the css. Imo, this seems dodgy to say the least, it's to easy a way out. I'd rather not take any chances at all, lest you get 'penalised'...
    If anybody has more info on this, please expand...

    Now you can do fancy things with the 'hide' attribute like 'pop up' txt: hide blocks of txt and make 'm appear again when 'hover' etc... very nice, but then, how do the bots look at this?? I think (stress 'think') it's ok as long as you'r not spamming 'keywords' that way. Google for example will read your html and make a list of what it considers 'keywords', those will be the ones that will get you the highest ranking when people use them in a search... If it then finds hidden txt, but those keywords are not in them, I guess it should be ok... But this is just my speculation, I would like some more definite information on this myself... so if anybody knows more...

    edit: btw: enter "search engine ranking" into Google to find out more about all of this. This guy ( knows what he is talking about, he is ranked no1 in a feeld of very strong competition: commercial 'search engine ranking' sites!
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