I've just joined these forums having bought one of the SitePoint books recently, and this is my first post, so I hope I've posted in the right place!

I'm currently developing a site for a marine shop and they've asked for a "count down to the weekend" panel on their homepage. Their main demographic is fun-seekers, so I can see why this is a fun feature. Unfortunately, that's where the fun has ended so far....

I can't find ANY scripts online which will count down to a specific day each week. All the scripts out there (following some fairly extensive trawling) will only seem to count down to a specific date in the futue, rather than say the code equivalent of "00:00:01 this coming saturday"

Would any of you know how I might generate this sort of count down, or where I might find one? I'm assuming Javascript would be the best codebase to use for this sort of function.

Many thanks in advance! I'm going to pour a G&T!