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    The NEW Promotion Resource Guide

    Promotion Resources

    I am asked often "how can I promote my website?" My answer consists of two words: read, apply. Read every promotion article, tip, and hint you can get your hands on. Then take your new knowledge and apply it. Knowledge is useless if you're not using it. I have put together a small list of promotion resources. Below you will find links to great articles and excellent newsletters. Please check them all out, and good luck with your new venture!

    Please note: This page will be constantly updated as I find new promotion resources and newsletters. Be sure to bookmark this page and return often. If you know of any other great resources I should add, feel free to email me. Sorry, I'll be closing this thread, as last time it got a little out of hand. If you have any promotion questions, don't be afraid to ask in the forums.

    Promotion Websites
    Promotion Base
    eCommerce Base
    Search Engine Watch
    Promotion World
    Self Promotion
    Search Engine Forums
    Get High Forums
    Internet Marketing Focus

    Promotion Newsletters
    Some of these newsletters may not focus solely on website promotion, but they often have great articles about building traffic. Be sure to sign up for these newsletters and read them on a regular basis. Your server logs will show the results!

    When I was creating this list, I actually had a difficult time finding the "subscribe" page for many of the newsletters. Make sure that your newsletter subscription page is easy to locate and also place a subscription box on all of your web pages.
    Add Me Newsletter
    Gazette World
    Search Engine Watch (newsletters)
    Internet Day

    Ezine Promotion
    Ezine Announcer
    Ezine Tips
    Ezine University
    Ezine Adventure

    Promotion Software
    I highly discourage use of any software that allows you to send out bulk, unsolicited email AKA spam. The use of spam can be very damaging to your reputation and may result in a law suit. I also urge you to avoid any mass search engine and FFA submission software.

    WebPosition Gold
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