Hey, what gives?

I tried to use searchlogic gem to order data so I created "list" method in stories_controller.rb
Code Ruby:
def bin
	#@stories=Story.find:all, :order=>'id DESC', :conditions=>'votes_count <5'
	fetch_stories 'votes_count <5'
	render :action=>'index'
def list
Code Ruby:
<h2><%= story_list_heading %></h2>
<%= order @stories, :by => :name %>
<%= render :partial=>'story_list', :collection=>@stories %>
_story_list.html.erb (partial)
Code Ruby:
<% div_for(story) do %>
		<span class="storyIdCol"><%= story.id %></span>,
		<span class="storyCol"><%= link_to story.name, story %></span>,
		<span class="storyLinkCol"><%= story.link %></span>,
		<span class="storyUserCol"><%= story.user.login %></span>,
		<span class="storyVotesCol">%= story.votes_count %></span>,
		<span class="storyEditCol"><%= link_to 'Edit', edit_story_path(story) %></span>
<% end %>

But rails gives an error (http://localhost:3000/stories/list)
ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound in StoriesController#show

Couldn't find Story with ID=list

Shorthand value "list_stories_path" isn't available.