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    Golden Post Winners: Week 1

    I am super excited to announce the winners of Week 1 of The Golden Posts Prize Program

    All winners have won the SitePoint book of their choice in either print (stock permitting) or digital bundle.

    Content For Your Site
    The winner this week is DCrux for this great post about Writing for the Tabbed UI in the Content Writing forum. I think the reason is fairly obvious. This post is well laid out and is packed full of information.

    Design Your Site
    deathshadow60 was the standout winner in the Design area this week, with an amazing 5 posts nominated! My choice for the winning post is this one about background images in CSS. In this post he provides a solution and a very careful explanation of why that solution works. Fantastic post.

    Program Your Site
    The winning post in the Programming section this week is from Chroniclemaster1. Here he helps a newbie to OOP with a post which is both helpful and supportive. In the words of the Advisor that nominated it, this post is a breath of fresh air.

    Host Your Site
    Our hosting Golden Post this week is this one from amabaie in response to a post about choosing domain names. I selected it because it makes a new point and clearly explains it - adding value to the thread.

    Grow and Manage Your Site
    The winning Grow and Manage post is in the Business and Legal Issues forum this week and is from qvalpro. He discusses his approach of getting work through freelancing sites. It's always interesting to read the background behind decisions that people make and I appreciate it when you are prepared to share personal experiences in order for others to learn.

    iMeow just scraped in (time wise) with this post about web standards to take the golden post for the Community area this week. This interesting post was the beginning of a thread that makes great reading.

    So congratulations guys - great work. I'll PM you with details of how to claim your prizes.

    And to everyone else - I look forward to seeing more great posts this week.
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