I have recently changed my Reseller account and in the process of changing all my domains across. I used to have a database folder on my old host where I put my access files in.

Now I have been told that I have to upload my database in a different way, to which I have no knowledge of.

Ive gone through the exercise of ringing them up but they just keep sending me a web address and saying , erm well i can't helpyou anymore http://www.hosteurope-support.com/mysql.html

Is it better to connect to Connecting to MySQL via SSH Telnet? or

Connecting to MySQL using MyODBC and an ODBC database

You can tie a database written in a PC based database package that is ODBC compliant - Microsoft Access, FoxBase and Dbase Pro are all ODBC compliant. To integrate this connection you will require drivers that convert the communication - you can download these drivers from Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT from http://www.mysql.com/downloads/api-myodbc.html.

The settings that you will require are:-

Hostname - Your domain name
MySQL database name - the name of the database
Username - database username
Password - database password
Port - 3306