Ok folks, so here you have it.
Today marks the official opening of The Golden Post Prize Program.

The Golden Post Prize Program is going to run for the entire month and is designed as an incentive for putting an extra effort into your posts. Those posts may be really well thought out and original questions or really great answers - it doesn't matter. If it's good, we'll reward you.

How Does It Work?
The staff will be cruising the forums on the look out for your Golden Posts. There will be one from each area of the forum (eg Design Your Site, Manage Your Site etc). Every Monday I'll be announcing the winners from the previous week and linking to their winning posts. (Note that we don't guarantee a prize for each area - there has to be a deserving post.)

What Can We Win?
Each winner is entitled to the SitePoint book of their choice - either the printed format or the digital pack (PDF, Mobi and ePub) if it is available.

So people - get posting - and make them gold.