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    No Idea Where to Start

    I am currently using a couple of link directories programs to run a library. The library is links to author's sites and stories all pulled together in one place. It has about 10,000 links.

    But they are very rigid pieces of software. One of them (qlWebDS) only lets me organize them by author's name, and then list their stories, but that's all. The other one (phpLinkDir) lets me organize them a little more, like by rating and title, but it's not enough. I can use several databases with different top level categories, but it's so complicated.

    I'm trying to expand the library to handle more top categories, but I'm lost. What I really want is one large database that the user's can sort anyway they want to. I can do what I want in Excel, because I can sort the records by any column, but I can't find a software ap that can do it for me.

    Currently, I have several MySQL databases, as well as an Excel spreadsheet. If I could just publish the ezxcel spreadsheet, I'd be happy, but a database management program would work, if I could just find the right one.

    Help, please!


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    Access - can build interface for you. Not cheap

    MySQL Free but you need to build the interface yourself (i've used a stand alone webserver - usbwebserver - to make a couple of databases and their php driven interfaces, and you just switch it on and off as required, running it on your own pc.


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