A online friend of mine just released a brand new Wordpress plugin on April 26th and it's amazing. What it does is generates inbound links and traffic to your blogs automatically.

Below is a list of it's features:

* Generates Inbound Links - Your permalinks will be sent to social bookmarking services and create quality inbounds to your site!
* Generates Traffic - Get natural search traffic from appearing on high-ranked social sites for your short and longtail keywords!
* Increases SEO Quality permalinks from social sites increase your relevancy in search engines!
* Perfect for ANY Blog - Regular Blogs or Autoblogs, WPSB is the ideal for your marketing arsenal!
* No additional Server Load - WPSB was designed to work through our servers and thus there is no noticeable server load on your end!
* Multi-Social Accounts - You can use up to 10 accounts on each social service we offer!
* Server-Side Updates - Our script is mostly handled by our servers, all updates are applied LIVE to your blog without your intervention!

Now the pluggin is free of course and there are 3 ways to get credts for the posts that it makes for you. You can buy credits at 1 cent per credit. ($1 for 100 credits) AND if your blog post is posted to 10, 30, or 100 social sites, it only cost you one penny. That's right...ONE CENT PER POST. That's the cheapest high-ranking backlinks you'll EVER purchase. You can also complete CPA Offers. (Each one will have the amount of credits it's worth beside it) to get credits. Or you can install the toolbar and get free credits that way.

Also...this part is just released. Just added is a program where you can infact get all of your posting done for nothing. It pays 10% of all credits that your downline receive through any purchases or CPA Offers that your downline complete. And anyone that installs the plugin will receive a double signup bonus of 40 credits, which is more than enough to get some backlinks and traffic to your blog to check out the plugin.

So if you're interested, you can PM me or send me an email to eddie at eddiejack dot com to receive your url and voucher code to activate your plugin. Your own voucher code will be available in your plugin menu In the Voucher Area. It gives you your referral code and also keeps track of your signups.

Get your now everyone and get the high-ranking backlinks to pointing to your blog that you have been working for.