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    jQuery causing problems in IE (only IE)

    Hi guys,

    any help will be greatly appreciated...

    The problem:
    The site in question heavily uses Javascript, there are more than a dozen scripts executing. Everything works fine in Chrome and Firefox 3.5+...but, in IE there are several problems:
    • Hover effect over table elements is painfully slow in IE (only IE)
    • Very high processor usage on mouseover
    • Flash animation pauses/stops when moving mouse over table elements (making flash banners on the site impossible -> big problem)

    You can se the page here (there's a flash animation on the right side of the page (light grey/blue color))


    I've isolated the problem. It's something with jQuery.
    There are more than a dozen scripts executing on the page, when I remove the first of them ( put the line below in a comment) the problem disappears, along with all the JavaScript functionality...

    Here's the problem line:
    <script language="JavaScript" src="javascript/jquery.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
    I have attached the problem file (jquery.js, renamed to jquery.txt so I can upload it):
    Attached Files Attached Files


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