hello. i got sort of a simple/complex problem. i've been doin some graphix, and i want to showcase them on a website. i've built a "frame" to hold the current image viewed, and a navigation bar attatched to the side with 2 buttons. one is for next frame, the other is for previous frame.

i know it's a combination of an image map and i guess a slideshow. i want the buttons to "light up" when the mouse is over them and clicked, and i want to use an animation of my own as a transition between the images. keep in mind this is all housed inside of a frame image that i have designed as well.

a basic version of what i'm talking about i found here http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamici...interslide.htm
but that doesn't give me the how to on using my own frame around the images, nor how to light up the buttons, nor using my own transition effect. like for example, the whole frame looks like a tv set. the actual screen is where the images are displayed, and the buttons on the side control what images are viewed. and when u click on a button, it lights up, and the screen goes static for a moment then the new image loads there.

is there any way to do this with out having to link to a whole seperate page. i want to keep this all on one page, and only change the image on the "screen".