I'm using a jquery script called flippad that targets the title attribute of a link inside a div called flipPad.

If the link title="Test" then the content of the flipped div is "Test".

What I'm trying to do is include more complex content inside the title tag i.e. title=<img src=.. and additional divs.

I also want to include another flipPad div inside the flipped content so visitors can continue to click through some additional information.

The only way I've found to do this is to encode the content i.e. title="&quot;img&nbsp; and so on which works fine for the first flip but goes wrong when I get to the new flipPad div which is written as &lt;div&nsbp;id=&quot;flipPad&quot;&gt;

Not surpisingly my script isn't triggering because it can't see <div id=flipPad>

Recognise that I may be being stupid here but not at all experienced with javascript and probably shouldn't be trying to do this but if anyone has a possible solution, I'd be very grateful.