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    Problems with thread recency (read/unread)

    Since a few weeks (I'm assuming since the last update of vBulletin, but I can't be sure) the posts are acting up on my pc.
    When I go to my sitepoint it indicates there are no new posts, but when I click "view all Subscribed Threads" and all the threads show up, some of them have threads with new posts I haven't seen yet.
    This problem also sometimes occurs with fora; the forum says there are new posts, but I've read all of them (so there are no new posts), or vice versa.

    I'm using my PC and my netbook to view the forums (not at the same time, sometimes the PC, sometimes the netbook), might this cause the problem? If not, what does, and does anyone know how to solve it?

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    When you visit the forums, post being there for a period of time the session will expire and threads since your last visit are marked as read automatically (as far as I'm aware). That could well be the issue you're getting, as "new posts" only cover what occurred since you last visited the forums.


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