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    jQuery issues: 1.2.6 - Popup Windows

    Hi All,

    I am trying to load html into a jquery popup window having limited success thus far due to being "stuck" on jquery 1.2.6

    I use CS-Cart for my eCommerce store which uses a custom AJAX framework based upon jQuery 1.2.6, the downside is that I cannot use jQuery plugins post-1.2.6 nor upgrade it as it removes 99% of the AJAX functionality that the cart depends upon.

    What I'm attempting to do visually is create a jquery popup window upon user click.


    View Color Chart : More Information

    <p>View Color Chart <a href="url.html">More Information</a></p>
    The end result being displayed as followed.

    CS-Cart have used "fancybox" for it's display, but alas my attempt to integrate it thus far have been limted as it fails to load the iframe unless I have the latest jquery.

    Any ideas would be appreciated, I don't mind using other frameworks so long as they are light and/or don't conflict.

    PS: The FAQ link doesn't work for this message:
    Before proceeding, please make sure you are aware of the Community Guidelines and you have read the 'Important' threads in this forum, if any.

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    it looks like there is 2 CSSes targeting that div


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