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    Asking for styling tips for the lay-out of my website

    I have a few questions for the designers in this community about the lay-out of my website. Do you have any tips and tricks to achieve what I want, because I am quite at a loss right now. I really want to push myself further at design, but somehow I am stuck. Or am I too much a perfectionist?

    - I am quite pleased with the colorscheme, but I would like to give the lay-out a more professional look-and-feel, a more 'royal' feeling. How can I achieve this? Any tips?
    - How to make the menu more professional? It's not bad, but it looks a bit...amateurish. It could be sleeker. Any ideas?
    - Do I need to look critically at my fonts and the styling of headings?

    Thanks so much!

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    We have sections of the forums specifically designed for this purpose.

    Design Elements is for specific elements within the page.
    Website Reviews is for a wholesale site review - this is probably the one you want....
    Content Reviews is for getting reviews of the content itself.

    Each forum has a stickied note at the top which explains what it's for and what needs to be done before a review can be requested.

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