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    Where can I offer my services for free?

    What would be the best place to offer my services for free? In that, I am looking to boost my portfolio. What would be the best place to advertise my services at no cost to the client? Hopefully, these would be serious requests, not kids looking for a clan template. Any feedback is appreciated.

    Also, if this is the wrong forum for this thread, then damn, this is confusing. But seriously, feel free to move or delete this, if anyone knows the answer. I feel paying to advertise my free services on the marketplace to be a bit...fiscally irresponsible.

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    One things is that it is free for your client and something else that it is free for you...

    The marketplace is the only placer where self-promotion is allowed... some services do have a cost and they have their own rules and faqs, so make sure that you read them before posting


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