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    Floating menu > height needs to be equal with #content? Any tricks?

    Here is what I am working on currently, as you can see on the side there is a blue background. It is actually inside a floating menu that I put in absolute position, the problem is the height. I have the height of the this menu at 1700px. In the main page there is a scroll bar that is not necc.

    Is there a way I can do 100% instead of absolute px for the floating menu? When I do it now it does 100% to the .gif, I need it to do 100% to the #content div.

    Thanks for any feedback... I'm new to CSS and I think its cool... but I need some more practice obviously.

    Oo maybe there is a line of code to stop scrolling?

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    Hmm.. have you set the <div> to have a height="100%"? That should do the trick as far as I know.


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