My name is Troy. I am a client for a web site that I had developed.
Currently, I'm looking for a solution to edit my web site that was delivered to me coded in the Ruby on Rails platform. I'm going to provide some information in hopes that I can find a solution to either learn how to edit this web site or a link to a tutorial to find how to understand RoR a little more to do simply modifications to the site such as add text, etc.

I'm overly familiar with HTML & PHP. I want to be able to edit text on my web site. For those reading this they will hear the novice in my text. I can and get the results I desire when I edit the .haml files via SFTP and get the site to update as I want. The problem though is if I edit files in the running instance it isn't included in revision history. When the developer runs automatic deploy command the changes gets lost. I was advised that,
there's no solution for that other than you learning a bit about git.

With HTML when I do client work I can provide them with a CMS or a static HTML file so they can edit text. Could someone point me in the right direction.