I just posted a link to a static site I created last Summer in another thread, and it struck me that since it was IMHO a pretty original approach, some of you may find it interesting to check out.

They wanted me to use frames, but I hated the idea and came up with the idea of flipping layers instead - They said it couldn't be done, and as ever I took this as an incentive to prove them wrong, and succeeded!

I used multiple overlapping <DIV> layers and a bit of handcoded JavaScript in conjunction with DW4's own JS code to create a (simple and small) site in only one html page (ignoring the single popup).

The finished product was a little graphics-heavy for my liking, but I was working for a design firm (boy, did they like having bits of graphics everywhere), and once loaded the site is lightning-quick to navigate because it's mostly just flipping layers about. Given another chance, I would probably improve image preloading and a few other things here and there, but I'm quite proud of it given that it only took me a couple of days to bolt together.

Anyway, enough waffle, here it is:

All comments, questions, etc. are welcome (although the site is long since out of my hands).

Also, if you have the misfortune to go to the root of the site (take off the "/home.htm") you will be greeted with a terrible flash animation which I could not stop them sticking on....! (That's how NOT to do a splash screen......! )