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    How would you code this layout?

    Been busting my brain for a bit...don't "want" to do absolute positioning but I feel its the only realistic way to pull off this layout, especially given it has to be flexible...and that nested conditions could happen.

    In this case, there are 2 nested conditions already (the OR and the 1st AND)

    The only alternative is some nasty table marketup with rowspans and colspans.

    But if you know of a way this could easily be replicated..please chime in!


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    A little hard to understand what exactly is your conditions, I think.

    Flexible in what way?
    Are there different nested cases that should be covered without changes in the css?
    And how are the boxes related/dependant?
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    Table might be the right choice here since it's tabular data (or it appears to be to me)
    I don't know if a (per say) easy way to do this, but if I were to do this in CSS, I'd have and/or/and absolutely postiioned (only because the otoher stuff needs to slide under it.

    Then I'd have everything else in a container and styled to suite. Coordinates for the and/or/and to place it correctly.

    I still feel that's an awkward wya to do it though .

    Just read about how the conditions work together. This will be extremely complicated due ot the fact that nested conditions can occur and could screw up hte page layout.

    I too am having a hard time to fully understand your conditions
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