I have a potential client whom I'm meeting with tomorrow morning that would need a CMS to help run her business. She's just starting out with a sort of "biggest loser" contest that she's had really good success with in our city for four times now, so wants to go bigger and make a bit of a business out of it and make a difference.

She would need:
  • user/team registration (teams of 4)
  • fees paid online (via PayPal)
  • news and updates along the way
  • team areas where each team member can keep in touch with other team members
  • blog-type posts by members to give their personal updates for others to read
  • ad banner sales

I've worked with CMS Made Simple for a few years now, but this thing will need something more than that due to the social networking aspect of this job, and I'd rather have something that will basically work more "out of the box", as I'm not a programmer - I'm a designer who loves using CMS's. LOL (In other words, I know enough programming to be extremely dangerous... )

Aaaanyway... I was looking at Joomla! last night, with something like Community Builder or jSocialSuite added to it. That seemed do-able, and it looks like the template system doc's are well laid out.

This morning I was looking at WordPress/BuddyPress combo, which also seems fairly do-able, possibly, if the membership thing would work with it.

Then I hopped on here and found that many folks seem to think Drupal is "da bomb", so now I'm wondering which one might be the best for the job. Any opinions??

I'm not afraid of doing a bit of learning. In fact, with each of these three options, that would be just a given at the moment. But in light of the fact that I would then have something to build on for future clients as well, I'm good with that.

If you prefer one over the other, it would be great to know the "why" behind it, too.