Hi All

I've a problem with an amendment to a client's site they've asked for and i'm half way to solving it but have reached an impass.

Basically they're after a short, automated tour of 10 or so pages of their website that a visitor can get shown around without having to click anything.

My solution to solving this is a framed page, with a header on the top frame telling them it's an automatic tour with a link back to the main site, and then some clever scripting that loads different pages into the bottom frame as time passes to compile the tour.

I've found some JS code that lets you jump one page to another, but i've not been able to work out how to load different pages into a particular frame without having to use seperate frame-sets and seperate copies of each page in the tour with re-direction code in.

Is there some code available that'll load a series of different pages into the bottom frame at pre-defined intervals? Any help here would be greatly appreciated