I would like to store text in a LONGTEXT field with formatting. I'd like to have the first couple of words in a paragraph in bold like subheadings. It's for property details, so what I'm trying to achieve is this sort of thing:

Living Room: a;kdsfa;kdljfa;kdsjfa;kldfj;aklsdjfa;klsdjfa;ksdf;aklsdjf;aklsdjf;askldfj;aklsdjf;aksldfj;askdfj;aklsdjfa;skldfj;alksdfj;aklsdfja;ksldjf;alskdjf;askldjf;aklsdjf;asldkjf;asdklfj;asdklfj;asdklfja;dskflja;dkfj.

Bathroom: a;ldskfjas;dklfja;skldjfa;kldsjf;aksdjfaksdjfaklsdjf;aklsdjfa;ksldjf;askldjf;askldjf;askldjfas;kldjf;askldjf;askldjfa;skfdj.

I copied my text from my text program with the formatting but the formatting hasn't been stored. I suppose to store it this way, I'd have to use the HTML tags around the words I want to format. This is something I'd rather avoid as I want non-HTML users to be able to add the data.

It might be that I can do this through my Coldfusion forms, which I'm using to connect to the database and populate aspects of the web pages, but I wondered whether that would achieve what I want or whether the non-HTML users would still have to know to enter the tags around the words to be formatted?

Alternatively, perhaps, I could use CSS to specify that the first line be in bold? Also not sure how that would output with the ParagraphFormat() function with Coldfusion - i.e. not sure whether this would mean that only the first line of the first paragraph would be put into bold, or whether it would translate to all the paragraphs. That would still be limiting, anyway, as it would mean each 'room' detailed for the property would need to have all its details only in one paragraph, which might be ok but, again, might not be what the users want.

Any ideas or advice?