We're 2-3 people developing a CMS type PHP script and we're getting tired of trying to sync who's editing which file and trying to keep a "main version" updated by mealing files back and forth.

I have looked into SVN, but installing that seems like quite a pain. I'm not confident enough to do it, that's for sure. So not having any idea of the version control software market, I was looking around and found some possible candidates:


It's not fully transparent to me, but these solutions seem to be easier to install than SVN?

I would like to have the advise from people having experience with these tools. Both installation-wise and practical use.

Let me add that we're just 2-3 people and my guess would be that a intuitive tool that is not super-advanced would be better for us. Otherwise I'm afraid we'll brake our neck on advanced features and never figure out how to use it.

Thanks in advance!