I'm in the process of converting one of my sites to use SSI to make it easier to add/change the basic look or navigation system when something needs to be done.

My problem now comes in testing the site. When I try to test it at home, I'm not getting any of the SSI code in the include files, so the view of the page is basically useless because that is a pretty crucial part of the test. Is there anyway to fool my home browsers (I have IE5 and NS4.7) into handling the SSI properly???

I could load it to a test section of the server, but that would be a bit of a pain because I would either A) need to keep two copies of any images, etc or B) need to keep changing the code, meaning I would need to test it AGAIN real thoroughly when I put it live or C) test it live. I like to test it at home before I load it to the server.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Dave Maxwell