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    Great marketing site

    I was recently given a site to look at from a colegue who has just set up a site himself. He gave me the address because I was having trouble getting "good" traffic to my site.
    Once there I had a bit of trouble navigating because of the sheer amount of marketing material available but I'm glad now I kept looking.
    The site offers lots of general website marketing services which you have to pay for but deliver fatastic results. I used their 2000 visitor package which delivers qualified traffic to your site. I got the traffic in 2 days and had 533 emails from prospective customers. FANTASTIC.
    I have since joined as a member which gives me discounted rates and access to 100's of marketing software tools and guides which I'll read over the next few months (because of the sheer number).
    I am also now able to sign up members & affiliates which I get paid on to market for me.
    Check it out.
    [advisor edit: affiliate-based linking is strictly prohibited] click on services to buy. If you want more info on joining check out the opportunity part and have a read.
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    Welcome to SitePoint,

    While we are a community of webmasters and web-related professionals, one of the things we do not allow is the promoition and advertising of your own services.

    This is for the protection of members like you who do not need to see plugs to other sites all over the forums. After all, everyone comes here to share information and to help each other out.

    Just as a tip, you will get far more clicks being active in the forums (I get about a thousand clicks a day to my sites through my signature) than you ever would be posting a thread like this.

    Please read the Guidelines for more information on what is and is not appropriate.

    Thank you again for joining!

    SVP Marketing, SoCast SRM
    Personal blog: Strategerize
    Twitter: @jeremywright


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