Hi everyone,

The following code has an onblur event in the input fields so that if someone clicks out of the field without typing something in it, the original label, ie. 'First name' is reinserted into the field. The field is also being validated by some php code, however the onblur event creates a problem because the form still submits even if a name isn't typed into the field. It's assuming that 'First name' is an entry and therefore isn't validating it correctly.

It was suggested that on the submit event of the form, there would be a function that checks if the value is First Name then return false, but then otherwise return true. As my javascript skills are very basic, I wondered if someone could help me with this code to solve this issue?

Appreciate any help.

          <input id="firstname" name="firstname" type="text" value="First name" onfocus="if (this.value == 'First name') this.value=''" onblur="if (this.value == '') this.value='First name'" />          
if (ValidatedField('index_965','index_965'))  {
  if ((strpos((",".ValidatedField("index_965","index_965").","), "," . "1" . ",") !== false || "1" == ""))  {
    if (!(false))  {
            <span style="color: red"> First name is required </span>
            <?php //WAFV_Conditional index.php index_965(1:)