I don't understand why this SELECT does not work. It is basically retrieving events from a table where the date is more than or equal to the current date. Now if i add an event with the date of March it brings up the event. See this page:


However when i add an event for April, May etc.. It doesn't return anything..

This is the code:

PHP Code:
    public function selectNextOnStage(){
$sql "SELECT *
                FROM c2_innerglo.tbl_events e
                WHERE DAY(date) >= DAY(CURRENT_DATE)
                AND archive = 0 AND deleted = 0
                ORDER BY date ASC
                LIMIT 1"
$result mysql_query($sql) or die($sql);
Then i call the function like so:

PHP Code:
                    $event Event::selectNextOnStage();
$i 0;
$row mysql_fetch_array($event)){
Any ideas what i'm doing wrong?