If you are reading this you are the SitePoint member we're looking for.

The SitePoint forums are currently working on improving the sticky threads. Much work has already been done towards this goal within the "Program Your Site" team. And we are acutely aware of some of their problems. But so far what has been done has been limited to the ideas of team members. So here's how you can help:

Do you find the stickies in this forum helpful?
Do you consider any of the content erroneous or out-of-date?
Does the content lack any information that you think would be helpful?
Could they be organized better?

In other words, we want your opinions and suggestions so we can improve the "Program Your Site ~ Ruby" sticky threads.

We can't guarantee that all suggestions will be followed, but I personally guarantee that all will be seriously considered.

So don't be shy, please reply.

Many Thanks from the SitePoint Programming Team