hi there

i got help previously from this forum before and forgot to say thanks to the chaps. well i need more help or advice.

My project for uni is to build a website complying to certain usability and accessability guidlines. I then need to carry out usability testing using the elderly user group.The reason why i am doing the usability test is to see if usability issues still appear and what the selected guidlines dont cover. At the end of the project i need to adapt/create a set of guidlines which covers all the problems raised

I need advice on selecting the best methods to get valauble data from the testing.

I am going to give the particapant scenarios and tasks to complete and and measure usability with use of ease and likability. Also task completion might get measured as well.

What i need advice on is i need to sleect another method of data gathering for example (surveys, post questionaires, interviews, huersitic evalaution etc

i cant work out what would be the best to achive my overall goal

any help or advice would be great

cheers helpfull people