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    Anybody with experience in Excel? (converting excel to database)

    I have a client who has about 200 megs of information and pictures stored pretty neatly in about 20 different excel files, and each excel file has about 15 or 20 different sheets.

    I have to get this on his website (I use php). But first I need to convert the excel files to a database... I'm thinking access is the easiest possibility. Excel does have a function to convert excel files to an access database, but it is going to be certainly very time consuming, as I have tried and there are a few problems with that:

    1) He left hundreds of spaces in the files for certain spots, and the convertor has problems with those that I currently have to fix manually.

    2) There are so many different worksheets, almost 60 in all, and the conversion function can't merge databases (at least not to my knowledge).

    3) Access ain't great for multiple connections and isn't particularly good to run on a website, although I suppose I could do it (php does have support for it). I was thinking once it's all in the access database I could write a simple script to copy all the data into a mysql database or something like that.

    4) In the excel files, he left little notes for certain columns that are only visible when you hover over certain cells with the mouse, and it pops up in a little info box.. I need to convert that information as well.

    Thanks for your help, any suggestions or ideas are appreciated
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