I'm working on a project that will require me to set up a fairly simple online product catalog. Each product needs to have an image along with a few attribute fields such as price and size. The products need to be searchable (and possibly sortable) by each of these fields. I'd like the system to be php/mysql based.

Since the product is image-centric, I'm conceiving the system as a primarily a photo gallery, with some customized functionality (extra fields, search, sort). The admin interface should allow an intuitive method to add/remove/edit products, and manage the gallery display order.

I don't need to actually sell the products online, so I don't need (or want to deal with the complexity of) a full-blown ecommerce package.

Options I'm considering:
1. A photo gallery cms such as Gallery with customization
2. A general purpose cms such as Joomla (or even Wordpress)
3. Hand coding or using a framework like Cake

What do you folks think?