I am trying to implement a search facility on a MYSQL database. The MySQl statement I am using is:

"SELECT  *, Sections.Title as SectionTitle, Sections.Description as SectionDescription FROM Sections,Treatment
WHERE Sections.ID=SectionID AND Treatment.Title REGEXP '$searchtext'AND Men=1
What I want to be able to do is search in more than one column so I can search both Titles and Content for the word and it could appear in either, but still allow Men=1 in either.

Also does anyone have any ideas about how to add greater search functionality, ie if someone searches for a word in the plural and it only appears in the singular then this search will return no result is there any way round this?

Also if I want to search for two words this relies on them being next to each other in excatly the way I typed them, is there any way round this?

FULLTEXT is no good as it:
a) My ISP is only on version 3 and doesn't support the facilities I need.
b) Will only find the exact word ie: If I search for "eye" it would not find "eyebrow"