I installed Apache, PHP, and MySQL last summer on my PC for developement work. Apache and PHP are running fine, and it appears that MySQL is running fine (I followed instructions in Kevin Yank's book, "Build Your Own Database Driven Web Site Using PHP & MySQL".

But, I decided to try Joomla, and it is not recognizing that I have MySQL support. Then, from another article I read today on MySQL installation, it said to run the phpinfo() and scroll down the page. If you see a section on MySQL, you know it's installed. Well, I didn't see anything on MySQL at all in that list.

Apache is installed in C:/Program Files/Apache Software Foundation/Apache 2.2

PHP5 is installed in C:/PHP

MySQL is installed in C:/program Files/MySQL (Version, MySQL Server 5.1)

Any ideas why it's not being recognized? I can log into MySQL from the MySQL Command Line Client, and "play" (Created the Internet Joke Database)

Thanks in advance.

Bill O