Doing the make on MqSql I encountered the following:
libmysql.c: in function 'mysql_real_connect':
libmysql.c:1325: warning: passing arg 5 of "gethostbyname_r'
from incompatible pointer type
libmysql.c:1325: to few arguments to function
libmysql.c:1325 warning: assignment makes pointer from
integer without a cast
make[2]:***[libmysql.lo] Error 1
make[2]: leaving directory '/var/tmp/mysql.3.23.51/libmysql
make[1]: ***[all recursive] Error 1
make[1]: leaving directory '/var/tmp/mysql.3.23.51
make ***[all recursive] Error 2

I'm doing this install on a RH 6 do to funding in office and availability.

Any and all help appreciated.