Hi there,

I'm working on a web page that links through to a simple web form, and wondered if someone could advise on some additional functionality using JavaScript.

The page shows descriptions for a range of subjects, and currently visitors can click on a button beneath each description to request further information on that subject this is a simple hyperlink, which takes them through to the form, where they can select their subject of interest from a dropdown list.

Id like to have visitors click on the button associated with a particular subject, and, instead of simply being passed to the web form and heres the science for the dropdown list selection on the form to be already populated with the subject that they selected on the previous page.

So my question(s) would be, is this achievable, and would anyone be able to advise on where to look in order that I can start working on this?

Hope this is OK, but thanks for any and all information in advance, and apologies for any inconvenience.